Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Dinner

Yesterday brought more quality family time to celebrate Dad's birthday. After such a long build up, it's still feels weird and wonderful to have family dinner in Coronado again. The House was such a long time in coming that sometimes I can't believe that it's finally finished.

{Picture is from August, but the idea is basically the same.}
One of the best things about the house being finished is that, for the first time since my parents sold the house on Westview Drive, we have a kitchen that is conducive to communal cooking and chatting over rapidly dwindling bottles of wine.

{Not the best view, but trust - it's lovely.}

 Tom and I heard my parents recap the horrors and the hope that they experienced during their most recent trip to Haiti. When Mo and Buckley arrived, Dad threw the tuna steaks on the grill and Mom put the finishing touches on a delicious Greek salad.

{Clearly, I need to work on my low light photography.}

Dinner and conversation were top notch, as usual.

After dinner...cake!

{And a birthday wish.}

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