Friday, September 26, 2014

And then there was Finn!

{Welcome to Earth, Finnian!}
On June 20, my brother's wife delivered the most perfect nephew I could have imagined. At five pounds, eight ounces, Finnian Oakes Shackford was a teeny, tiny bundle of pure love. Crushingly, it would be almost a month before the West Coast contingent could make Finn's acquaintance, but it was well worth the wait.
{Ah, Breakwaters... Where I once threw back Alabama Slammers, I now cuddle my brother's kid. Crazy doesn't cover it.}
Tom and I came a bit earlier than the rest of my family to hang out with his grandparents.

Finn got in a little pool time too.

Ok, let's see... How about some gratuitous pictures of Sir Finnian sleeping like the little tiny angel he is?

Obviously this kid is beyond cute when he's asleep, but when he opens his eyes? Forget about it...
{It's like his hand is reached out in benediction, "I bless you with my adorableness."}

Sidenote, while Finn was obviously the main attraction, Vermont in July is also pretty outstanding.
We stayed at a camp right on the lake and spent more than a little bit of time soaking up the Vermontyness of it all.
{I love this picture so much.}
{The view from my room/magical forest lair}

Where was I?  When my parents and Midgey arrived, we all met up at an amazing place in South Hero, and I was able to take a few quick pictures of Mike, Erin, and Finn before dinner.
{Go here. Fine dining in the middle of (practically) no where - the best kind of surprise.}
 This is one hell of a good looking family....

I always suspected that my brother would be a great dad, but seeing him in action was...beyond. He is so patient and so loving; my heart practically exploded watching him cuddle his son. 
{This picture is everything.}
A couple of weeks after he was born, my brother and Erin asked me and Tom to be Finn's godparents. After momentarily questioning their judgment, we happily agreed. In all seriousness, it was a huge honor, and we were thrilled to take on the role.

And now, my favorite picture from Finn's baptism, in which he gives Tom the judgiest eyes I've ever seen.
After the baptism, Erin's parents, Vickie and Ernie, hosted a lovely brunch at their home. There was plenty of delicious food, but everyone was mostly interested in devouring Finn.


{Well, hello there, Deedee!}
What else? This has gone on long enough already, so I'm just going to dump the rest of the photos here...

Mo brought supplies and we all decorated onesies for Finn - here's my contribution.


Annnnd, here's the fam, plus a Golden Doodle named Amador.

So, to sum up - Finn is perfect and amazing and I can't wait until December 26th when I get to cuddle him again.