Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shake the Hand that Feeds You ~Michael Pollan

More reasons why "nothing comes close to the Golden Coast"... fresh fruits and vegetables year round. If I had to resign myself to a long winter of eating only root vegetables, I don't know if I would be able to maintain my commitment to the whole local food movement. I'm weak like that... Happily, living in California means that I don't have to face that particular moral dilemma.

{November 7th and gorgeous yellow tomatoes still grace the farmers' market.}

We gave up on the farm box in early July because we were getting buried in carrots and kale, and although I loved the concept, I just couldn't come up with enough creative uses for the aforementioned vegetables. Since, then I've been making stops at one or more of the local farmers' markets part of my weekly routine. Ever since watching Food Inc. back in January, I have gained a great appreciation for the experience of talking to the people who grow and harvest the food that I eat. There really is something very cool about "shaking the hand that feeds you." It takes more planning and effort, but I am trying to buy as much of our food from local sources as possible. When I remember, I bring my camera to capture the bounty. Here are some of the shots I've taken over the past few months.

{If you prefer to go right to the source...}

I haven't yet come home with a baby chicken or a sea urchin, but I do look forward to trying out all the unique heirloom vegetables that the various farms have for sale. This adorable heirloom eggplant for example...

Today I'm giving thanks for the abundance. Unfortunately, access to affordable fresh fruit and vegetables seems to have become a privilege, and I'm well aware that I am incredibly fortunate to be able to have such easy access to food that is good for my body and the planet. I'll close with this quote that I discovered through my friend Jessica at Mainely Healthy.

‎"There is dignity and pride in buying a bag of real ingredients from a farmer instead of fast food from a drive up window." -Will Allen

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