Monday, November 29, 2010

Decking the Halls

I have this problem with sitting still and just watching TV or a movie. Unless I'm in the theater or really tired (in which case I generally fall asleep anyway), I like to have something else to do in front of the TV. This weekend, since my nails were already done and grades were already done, my in-front-of-the-boob-tube activity was grade schools-style snowflake making. I'm cool like that.

Plus, I needed paper circles to make the snowflakes so that gave me an excuse to use the totally unnecessary circle cutter that I bought after Martha Stewart  and Oprah convinced me that I needed one.
{If you need perfect circles ranging from four to twelve inches in diameter, I am your girl.}

After I made an embarrassing number of snowflakes, I strung them on some invisible string and tested them out as a tree accessory.

This afternoon, I decided that they would be more at home hanging in the window. Plus, I had tons of school work to do and spending forty-five minutes taking the snowflakes off of the tree, rehanging them in the window, and then trying to take pictures of the newly hung snowflakes seemed like an ideal way to avoid said work.

The documentation part of the process was made extra difficult because of the looming reflection of the Vons parking lot across the street. Pros to having Vons less than thirty yards away: forgetting something at the store is no big deal, bottle redemption is a breeze, I'll never go hungry. Cons to having Vons less than thirty yards away: their parking lot is not the most inspiring of vistas, the easy, breezy bottle redemption center is a popular hangout for the twenty or so vagrants who roam the Canyon of Despair and other local canyons collecting recyclables, I'll never go hungry. But I digress.

{Don't the cars add a festive touch?}
{This is the best that I could do, but trust, the snowflakes are very merry.}
Now, finally, my daily dose of gratitude. It's an obvious one today. No searching for the small stuff, this one's a big, fat life moment... My sister got engaged! Mo and Buckley are officially betrothed, affianced, headed down the aisle, and what have you. So today, I am thankful that in the coming year(s), I will gain a sister-in-law and a brother-in-law. I am so grateful for Buckley and for Erin because they make my siblings so very happy. Hurrah for love and marriage and such!

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