Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Feeling extra thankful today. First and foremost, I am grateful to our veterans, but that is for tomorrow.  Right now, I am exceedingly happy to have a little midweek break tomorrow. I'm looking forward to sleeping at least until the sun comes up and going to the bathroom whenever I want. It really is the little things.

Tonight, I am celebrating the fact that it is not a school night with a few cocktails with Tom and one of his old family friends at the rooftop bar of the W Hotel. I plan on ordering a very overpriced cocktail and getting just the teeniest bit tipsy. Depending upon how successful I am at limiting myself to just the one overpriced cocktail, I may or may not be back later with the daily photo.

For now, I'll close with one last bit of gratitude - I am truly thrilled that I am not currently a passenger on the Splendor. In comparison to the plight of people in the Haiti, the Sudan, and elsewhere, the passengers on this particular Carnival Cruise are hardly suffering. Just the same, these poor bastards were no doubt looking forward to enjoying the three-story waterslide and 5,000 square foot spa as they cruised the coast of Baja, and now a fire in the engine room has rendered their floating funhouse a powerless, stinking vessel of despair. Now, I have never had a great desire to go on a cruise, but I started thanking my lucky stars that I wasn't on this one when I heard that they had no hot water and no working toilets. When I heard that Navy helicopters had arrived with food relief consisting of Pop-Tarts, Spam, and canned crab, I damn near kissed the ground.

{I wonder if she's got a Pop-Tart or some Spam under there...}

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