Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Apple Butter - The Conclusion

Soooo...woke up this morning and checked on my apple deliciousness. I forgot to take a picture (I apologize for the deep disappointment you are likely feeling at this announcement), but they looked kind of gross anyway. I then pureed them with my magical new kitchen tool and then cooked them, uncovered, on high for another hour and a half. The apple butter is finished when it tastes like fall on a spoon and is thick enough to pull this off:

Next, because I was feeling ambitious and all Little House on the Prairie-ish, I decided to can (jar seems like a more accurate verb, but I digress) the apple butter. I pieced together a canning procedure from various websites, and as far as I can tell, it was a success.

The finished product and (spoiler alert, Mom and Dad) Thanksgiving gift:

Soooo, today I'm grateful for days off that allow me the time to try new (old-timey) things like canning. I'm also immensely grateful for police officers who decide to write me warning tickets to change my address with the DMV instead of writing me real tickets for making illegal turns...

Finally, I'm thankful for the fact that November is almost over because this daily writing thing is a lot of pressure...I needed to be in bed hours ago. Thankfully I'm not looking to break any records in tomorrow's race, six hours of sleep should be enough, right?

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