Sunday, November 14, 2010

#27 - Check out a show at Humphreys from a kayak

Today, I'm giving thanks for old movies on AMC and lazy Sundays on which to watch them, for family dinner and that comes with crossing things off of your to-do list. In order to experience that lovely feeling myself, I will now write an overdue report on completing list item #27: Watch a concert from a kayak at Humphreys.

On September 30th, the rain stopped just in time for Tom and I to pack up a borrowed canoe and head to Shelter Island to catch Jackson Browne performing one of the last shows of Humphreys summer concert series. Fearing the cold, I donned three layers, pulled on my rainboots, and filled a thermos with hot cocoa and Kahlua. Due to the fact that I didn't trust myself to use my nice camera in such close proximity to water, the photos leave something to be desired...

{Ready to launch at the Bessemer Street access in Point Loma}

Apparently my lack of rhythm combined with my lack of athletic prowess make me a less than ideal paddling partner, so after a few unintended circles and some significant travel in the wrong direction, it was suggested that I just sit still and enjoy the ride sans paddle. So I did. It was quite beautiful and very relaxing.

After ten minutes or so of paddling, we arrived at the spot where everyone gathers to get a free version of the Humphreys show. We pulled up alongside an inflatable motor boat type thing and were surrounded by people in all manner of water vessel... It's easy to see why this is such a popular summer activity in San Diego. We had a great view of the stage (especially when our friendly fellow boaters offered to share their binoculars) and the sound quality was excellent. Jackson Browne called us out from stage, saying that we all owed him $40, but it was all in good fun.  Although, after about three songs and all of my boozy hot cocoa, I would have gladly paid the $40 to be able to use the bathroom. We ended up having to leave before the end of the concert so I could avoid wetting my pants. If we attempt this outing again, I will do it without the adult beverages.

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