Tuesday, November 1, 2011

West Hollywood Halloween

When I heard that 500,000 people were expected to descend on West Hollywood for their annual Halloween parade, I decided to venture up the street early to take in the spectacle before things got too wild. It was quite a scene, and everyone seemed to be having a grand time. My camera is not so great in low light, so my pictures were a disappointment, but here are a few.

At first, I was shy about taking pictures and just tried to snap as people walked by, but I quickly realized that people who put that amount of effort into a costume are more than happy to stop and vamp for the camera.

These two were my favorites by far.
Now, I can get behind a Care Bear costume and I can get behind a zombie costume, but when you decide to go as a zombie Care Bear, you are messing with my childhood memories, and that shit's just not cool. I was too disturbed by the group of Care Bear zombies to take a picture, but this demented looking, fanny pack-wearing Ernie standing alone at a bus stop was pretty unsettling as well.

By the time the sun set, it was starting to get pretty crowded and I felt like a party pooper with no costume, so I snapped a couple more and headed home.

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