Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gratitude - Day Four

Today, I'm grateful for little things. I guess that's pretty much the overriding theme for the whole month, being thankful for the little things. Here are a few of the simple pleasures I'm enjoying this weekend.

-hot pink gloves that make scrubbing the kitchen floor a tiny bit more glamorous (I actually don't mind cleaning at all. There aren't too many other tasks that provide such immediate gratification.)

-mid-afternoon naps (I have no photo of this, for obvious reasons.)

-plenty of time to linger over the getting ready process (I'm heading out tonight to see Tom play with Melly Frances and the Distilled Spirits, and since I had plenty of time, I decided to go all out with the hot rollers. This would be even better if my favorite ladies were here and getting ready was liberally interrupted by coffee chat, but I'll take what I can get.)

-edible souvenirs (Having Tom home is no small thing, but the special treats he brings me from Japan definitely count as simple pleasures. These uniquely Japanese treats are green tea Kit Kats!)

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