Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gratitude - Day Seven

It's gratitude time!! Today, I'm thankful for art and museums that occasionally let you look at it for free!! I live two miles from LACMA, but had yet to make the trek over to check it out...until today! I don't know why I'm feeling so exclamation-y right now, but I'm just going to go with it. Anyway, the museum is free on the second Tuesday of every month, and I'm hoping that by the second Tuesday of December I will be gainfully employed, so I decided to take advantage today. Plus, a visit to LACMA is on my LA to-do list, so...check!

I forget how much I like to geek out in museums, and I particularly like it when I don't feel like I have to see the whole thing in one day. Today I spent about an hour there and only saw two sections of one (of five) buildings. Whenever I go to an art museum, I head straight for the Impressionists. Today was no different, I zipped past those dark Dutch masters with their bloody religious imagery and eerie portraits and found the light-filled room in the back that holds my favorites. I think I get this habit from my mom, the Impressionists always make me think of her.

{Claude Monet - Nympheas}
{I so wanted to run my fingers over these, but I restrained myself.}
{Paul C├ęzanne - Sous-Bois}
{Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Two Girls Reading}
 LACMA has a really lovely collection; my only disappointment was the lack of anything by Van Gogh's. Ever since I wrote a paper on him in 10th grade, Van Gogh has been a favorite. Not very original I know, but there's a reason his work decorates many a dorm room wall. 

I'll have more on my LACMA visit tomorrow, but I'm tired now so Imma go get grateful for my comfy bed and freshly-washed sheets.

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