Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gratitude - Day Two

{Cabrillo National Park}
Today, I am grateful that I live in Southern California, never more than a short drive from the ocean breezes that called me back in the first place. The rumor is that my first word was beach, and my dad once said that I had salt water in my veins. I always liked that idea (blood is gross anyway).

The beach takes so many different forms here, and I love them all. There are inhospitable beaches that require long climbs down rocky cliffs; there are wide, uninterrupted stretches of sand that invite long, reflective walks; there are beaches filled with tide pools, more stone than sand, and there are touristy beaches adorned with ice cream shacks and knick knack shops.

Which beach you choose depends entirely on your mood, and a few weeks ago Tom and I were in the mood for the touristy variety so we made for Muscle Beach in Santa Monica. Muscle Beach is the kitschy kind, dotted with colorful umbrellas and complete with a carnival pier, the kind of beach that tourists are picturing when they board the plane headed for Southern California.

After sunning and splashing for a while, we decided to embrace the whole experience and went to play on the sand side swings and ropes. All of the photos were taken with my iPhone.

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