Monday, November 14, 2011

Gratitude - Day Thirteen

Today I'm grateful for visits from lovely, low maintenance friends.  Kelsey is the perfect kind of friend and house guest, meaning while she's happy to get dolled up and go out on the town, she is equally happy (or at least she pretends to be equally happy) doing nothing more than sitting on the couch, shooting the breeze, and ordering pizza. I love that about her.

Since we moved to L.A., Kelsey has been down a few times for work, and each visit has involved a lot of couch time. I should probably step up my entertaining game, but it does feel really nice to be comfortable enough to just invite my friend into my regular life without having to distract her with fancy goings on. Anyway, our activities have not been particularly photo-worthy, but last night Tom snapped a few pictures with my phone. Here we were taking a break from all the chatting and eating excitement to flip through a catalog. I really pull out all the stops when friends come to town...

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