Friday, November 4, 2011

Gratitude - Day Three

Today, I am grateful for coziness, a state of warm, snug comfort, according to the dictionary. It rained today, and I seized the opportunity to cultivate coziness. There are a few simple steps to creating a state of warm, snug comfort, and I will share them with you now.

Step 1: Find appropriately cozy apparel. I, personally, broke out my "sexy lumberjack" flannel shirt for the first time this fall. Plaid flannel is ideal when cultivating coziness. If it is cute and ruffled, all the better.

{Thanks to my sisters for finding this shirt and letting me bite off their style.}

Step 2: Put on some rainy day music or NPR. I went with the soothing tones of Ira Glass and This American Life. I'm a geek, get over it. For serious though, listen to Ira Glass's voice - instant coziness. I pulled up the podcast on my phone and plugged it into Tom's new amp (Yamaha!) which upped the cozy factor even more because it looks old timey and emanates a warm red glow.

Step 3: Cook or bake something, preferably something that will fill your home with the smell of cinnamon and/or nutmeg. This part can be tricky because you have to use whatever ingredients you have on hand because running to the store in the driving rain is not snug or comfortable. Happily, I had everything necessary for pumpkin cookies. I get extra cozy points for having pumpkin on hand.

Step 4: Enjoy. Eat a cookie; listen to the rain; take a nap if you want. If you have a partner in coziness, now would be a great time to play Scrabble.  That's it - relax and enjoy the state of snug, warm comfort you have created.

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