Friday, June 18, 2010


A headache knocked me out for a while yesterday, but I did get my Creativity Boot Camp assignment done before picnic time yesterday. The word prompt was multilayered - (adj) having two or more layers, offering several viewpoints, solutions, degrees of complexity. My relationship with writing is certainly multilayered. I have always thought about it, talked about it, and certainly, read about it.. The problem is that I haven't consistently done it. There's that pesky follow-through issue again...but I'm working on it.

Today is day three into my goal of writing every day for a month. Three pages a day. Every day. For thirty days. Because all those books on writing that I've read? They all say the same thing: write. If you want to be any good, you have to write. Every day. I realize that this should not be a revolutionary concept. Writing, like anything takes practice, and practice takes discipline and focus, two things I have been finding lacking in myself of late. So, there it is, I am committing myself to daily mental workouts for at least the next month. Apparently this creativity boot camp is really starting to get my ass in gear!

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