Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Creativity Boot Camp - Day 1

My first reaction to the concept of creativity boot camp was...ugh. Boot camp sounds like work, not the fun that should be associated with creativity. However, I am well aware that I could use a little more discipline in my life... I have an unfortunate habit of making grand plans and then falling somewhat short in the execution department, hence the need for the public commitment to the list. In any event, I came across this blog, and as soon as I got over my initial fear of an evil personal trainer making me do endless repetitions of the mental equivalent of the bicycle crunch (I loathe that sit-up), I decided to play along with Creativity Boot Camp.

Unfortunately, I didn't discover this little program until it was well underway, so I am playing catch-up. Each day, the "coach" (much less threatening than trainer, no?), a professional photographer named Maegan Beishline, posts a journal prompt and a random word prompt that is meant to inspire that day's work. At the very least, I am happy to have some additional inspiration for days when I cannot think of anything I haven't yet photographed. The prompt for the first day was "ivory," and after ruling out a trip to the zoo to tangle with the elephants, I decided to head to my parents' house to take a picture of my mom's piano. As soon as it occurred to me, I couldn't believe that I hadn't shot it before. It is such a beautiful instrument. 

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