Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Creativity Boot Camp, Day Nine. My imagination is going to be able to kick your imagination's ass by the end of this boot camp....just sayin'.

Today's word was drizzle. Thanks to over a decade in New England, my first thought was of the kind of weather that just spits and hisses at you, beating you into submission with seemingly insignificant flecks of moisture that gradually drown your will to ever leave the house. Or...maybe that's just me. Anyway, chances were slim to none that we would see that kind of precipitation on the third day of summer in Southern California.

My next thought was of hot fudge and caramel on a delicious frozen treat. I summoned up all of my willpower and reminded myself in no uncertain terms that I did not need to spend the calories or the dollars on some ridiculously Extraordinary Dessert just for the sake of "my art." (Ok, in looking at their website now, I am seriously reconsidering my earlier resolve. Those people know desserts but good!) Point is-I went with paint drizzle. It was fun, and I think I may have accidentally created a masterpiece of modern art.

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