Friday, June 18, 2010

Heavy Metal

When I saw that the random word prompt for day three of Creativity Boot Camp was heavy metal, my first thought was of all the cool shots I could take at a heavy metal concert. The problem, of course, is that that would require actually attending a heavy metal concert...not my first (or even 15th) choice for how to spend a Friday evening. Still, in keeping with the spirit of getting out of my comfort zone, I went so far as too google "heavy metal bands, San Diego." San Diego's "online realm for metal", or, extolled the merits of such bands as Agony in Heaven, Caskets on Parade, Senseless Dementia, and (my personal favorite) Chainsaw Masturbation. Seriously, I felt defiled just reading the names of the bands; I can't imagine what actually attending a concert would to do my delicate sensibilities.

Plan B involved my engagement and wedding rings. Not literally heavy of course, but important and weighty metal just the same. I certainly missed their weight on my finger while I placed them on miscellaneous objects around the house and yard. I'm not thrilled with the result, but I'm glad to be done with "heavy metal." It's been a somewhat alarming experience...hopefully I won't have nightmares about the members of Filth Juggernaut or Paroxymal Butchering coming to get me. (Some people clearly did not get enough hugs as children...or maybe they got hugged too much? I'm pretty sure that something went wrong in the hugging arena.)

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