Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wine Soaked Picnic in Napa...check.

As soon as I took the leap and admitted to my friends that I had joined the self-indulgent world of recording one's most mundane thoughts on a weblog for all the world to see, Kelsey immediately offered to assist with list item #25: Have a wine-soaked picnic in Sonoma. We substituted Napa as the wine-soaked picnicking was the really crucial bit, and it was absolutely delightful.

I am in the midst of a glorious two weeks of fall break and Virgin America was generously offering tickets to San Francisco for $39 each way. The stars (with a lot of help of help from Kelsey and her parents) aligned and Kelsey was able to borrow a family friend's condo at the Silverado resort in Napa, so we had a lovely place to stay on Saturday and Sunday night.

Tom and I took the first flight to SFO on Saturday morning, Kelsey and Chris picked us up at the airport, and we were on our way to wine country by 9:15am. After a mini schmozel, we located our condo, dropped off our things, and met up with Ron, the patient gentleman who would be ferrying us around for the day.

{Tom, not Ron. Sadly, no pictures of Ron.}

As usual, I was so excited to be drinking champagne with my friends at 11 o'clock in the morning that, Mumm, the first stop on our tour is largely undocumented.

{Post-bottle of sparkling wine at Mumm}

The next stop was Frog's Leap, a very cool organic winery whose tasting room was actually a tasting porch in a renovated farm house. Not only are Frog's Leap's grapes organically grown, but the whole operation is 100% run off of solar power, and they dry farm their grapes, an impressive show of water conservation in drought-ridden California. This turned out to be my favorite winery of the day, and not just because of all their awesome "green-ness," they also had really delicious wine and all tastings came with cheese, crackers, and dried fruits. Win. Win.

 {Only two wineries in and the pictures are already fuzzy and oddly framed.}

By two o'clock it was picnic time! V. Sattui was selected as our third destination and the site of the aforementioned wine-soaked picnic. We picked up paninis and another bottle of wine and then proceeded to stalk other picnikers in order to pounce on the next available table.

Things start to get a little hazy after lunch. I know that there were three more stops... In the interest of creating a historically accurate record of the weekend, I'm going to pause here and consult my compatriots to see if we can piece together a complete timeline of Saturday's wine-related activities...
More tomorrow.

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