Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Napa and San Francisco...Part II

Having confirmed the itinerary with a third party, I can now say with authority that after lunch we went to Alpha Omega. Alpha Omega is a relatively new winery with modern decor and a fairly douche-y bartender.

Next, it was on to Peju. We waited for a while for a spot at the tasting bar and were about to give up when the hostess offered a private tasting upstairs in the reserve room. Umm...okay!

Our last stop of the day was at PiƱa where our final tasting was poured by a WWII vet who wears the same watch as Tom's grandfather. Relevant? No, but this fact was endlessly fascinating to Tom at the time. I'm pretty sure that the older gentleman was probably quite relieved to see us leave without attempting to wrest the watch from his wrist.

{If I could give a message to that girl, I would tell her that six hours of non-stop wine consumption is plenty for one day. 
Quit while you're ahead!}

Now, our wine tour ended at about five o'clock, but we didn't roll into bed until around midnight. Mercifully, those seven hours were not recorded by my camera or anyone else's. Suffice it to say that there was more wine, more chatting, and a delicious dinner that miraculously appeared before us (thanks Chris!). There may or may not also have been a late night walk across the golf course in search of a hot tub and/or bar...

Moving on... Thanks to the copious amounts of wine, the next day got off to a slow and cautious start. Jimmy and Kisha came up from Oakland to spend the day and take Tom back with them. Because we had enjoyed it so much, and because the previous day's drinking had deprived us of the ability to form original thoughts, we took Jimmy and Kisha back to Frog's Leap. It was as lovely as the on the previous day, but "our palates were exhausted" (read-we were hungover), so the wine held somewhat less of an appeal. The crackers, however, were appreciated with gusto.

 {Tom, looking better than he had any right to after Saturday's debauchery}

After Frog's Leap, Tom headed back to Oakland with Jimmy and Kisha, and the rest of us took some much-needed naps. The naps provided a new lease on life and the exact amount of energy necessary to take ourselves out to a fabulous, farm-to-table style, Napa dinner at Brix.

 {Brix vineyards}

 {Brix vegetable gardens}


We lingered over our dinner, drawing it out with dessert and after dinner was delightful. I wish that every weekend ended like this.

On Monday, it was back to San Francisco. Tom headed to Haight Ashbury to explore record and guitar shops while Kelsey and I enjoyed an afternoon full of girlie, beautifying fun in the Marina. We also had time for a walk around her 'hood and a trip to the grocery store.

 {Kelsey and Chris live in a postcard}

{This is the grocery store of my dreams; it's like a farmer's market that sells wine and is open every day...I die! (Too much Rachel Zoe for this girl. Although...Rachel Zoe doesn't eat, let alone grocery shop. This is a lot of rambling for a caption.) }

It was an all around perfect weekend. The only downside is that I was spoiled with two best friend hangout sessions in one month, and now I'm in withdrawal. I really wish that the scientist-types would get on this whole beaming thing...


  1. I really like the homo-erotic look Jimmy and myself are making! The glass of wine in Jim's hand makes it look like he and I had a lovely time in Napa together...

  2. And, it was the same watch as my dad...


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