Monday, October 18, 2010


Sooo, back in July my faithful partner (in life and list completion) and I tackled list item number twenty - try paddleboarding. Realizing that if it's not documented (and posted on Facebook) it didn't really happen, I (ok, Tom) brought along one of those disposable waterproof cameras. Now, clearly I have a hard enough time posting the pictures from my digital camera. Add to that the fact that getting access to these particular pictures required leaving my house, dropping off the camera, returning to my house, and then leaving again, and you have your explanation for why this post is three months late... I excel at procrastination.

 {Unlike procrastination, balance is not one of my many talents.}

In any event...we went paddleboarding. Groupon is apparently the unofficial sponsor of my list; this must be the third or fourth list item that I've been able to do on the cheap thanks to the magical bargain wizards over there. The groupon got us a quickie lesson and then two hours free to paddle around Mission Bay. It was a lot of fun, definitely something that I would do again.

{Here I am just relieved to be upright... It seems that my instructor may not have had much confidence in my ability to remain in that condition.}

I learned that there are many ways to enjoy the pleasures of the paddleboard...

You can kneel.
{I appreciated having this option.}

You can stand.
{Why does it look like this picture was taken circa 1963?} 

{Even better. Right after this was taken I grabbed a cocktail with Don Draper.}
  Sitting is also permissable.

Even laying down is allowed.

All in all, it was a lovely way to spend the morning. Obviously, the disposable waterproof camera leaves something to be desired, but it's a good thing we left the real cameras at home as each of us ended up in the water at some point. I fully admit that my swim was inadvertent, but Tom would like the record to reflect that he "wanted to jump in to cool off." Duly noted.
{This makes the water look a lot dirtier than I choose to believe it was.}

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