Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finding Fall

{Evidence of an actual change of seasons}

As I may or may not have mentioned, I love fall. When October arrives, it's like a switch flips and all I want to do is burn cinnamon scented candles, bake apple-based treats, and curl up on the couch with a novel and a glass of pinot noir. Inexplicably, October also seems to intoxicate me with the idea that I am a goddess of craftiness, but that is another post.  Sadly, the need to work and earn an actual income often interferes with my apple-cinnamon-scented afternoons of wine and literature. It's cool though, there will be lots of autumnal fun crammed into the weekends from now until the yuletide fun begins (not until after Thanksgiving, swear).

This past weekend, Tom and I kicked off fall with our annual pilgrimage to the Julian Pie Company. Tradition goes well with fall, no?  This is the third year that we've made the long, winding trip up to the mountains to wait in line for our yearly slice of pie. I go Dutch apple; Tom goes traditional. Cinnamon ice cream on both with a side of cider donuts for Tom. It's heavenly.

{Can I please eat now?}

In addition to the delicious pie, Julian also has plenty to offer by way of quirky gift stores (Pistols and Petticoats) and a general kitschy, Frontier Town-like appeal.

{In addition to the patriotic troll in camo, please note the troll in the middle who is holding a smaller version of himself. Deep.}

{My first reaction when I saw this little guy was, "Awww, how cute!" Then I saw him pulling two overweight adults down the street and I felt sad.}

 On our way back from Julian, we stopped at Lake Cuyamaca and briefly debated a row around the lake...another time, perhaps.

Then...we headed home and I, full of sugar and spice and everything nice, promptly fell asleep. But not before I snapped these.

As I type this, a spiced cider scented candle is burning and James Taylor's Copperline just came on my fall playlist; life is good.

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