Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Very Belated Recap...Updated!

**Edited-Thanks to Kate for adding to the visual evidence of our fabulous weekend!**

The Labor Day reunion with my college girlfriends was amazing. These women are some of my favorite people on the planet; they know me better than just about anyone, and amazingly, they love me anyway. Over the course of the weekend, I was reminded again and again how lucky I am to have friends like these. We definitely did a fair amount of reminiscing, but the best part was realizing that our friendships go so far beyond our shared past. While we no longer have the daily coffee chats that we took for granted in college, we still have plenty to talk about. The weekend was fun and fabulous, relaxing and rejuvenating; it was exactly what I needed.

It started with a Thursday night redeye to Boston.

{Friday, September 3rd}

By 6:30 Friday morning I was landing at Logan, and by seven Brandy had picked me up and we were headed to her house for breakfast. Coffee chat was followed by mani pedi chat and then a drive back into Boston to pick Lauren up at the airport. We scooped Lauren up and decided that eating again was a superb idea. After lunch we picked up wine and champagne and checked into our hotel where we chatted, dozed, and tried to gauge the effect that Hurricane Earl's impending arrival would have on the evening's plans.

By 6:30 Friday evening, the champagne had been opened and the sweet sounds of the Mindy McCready classic Guys Do it All the Time poured into the hallway. By seven, Kelsey had arrived and the giggling and dancing were in full gear. Earl threatened to seriously interfere with the weekend when Kate's flight was diverted to Hartford, but by 8:30 she had safely arrived and we headed to a delightful dinner of small plates...and more wine. 

During these first twelve plus hours of the weekend, I was apparently too overwhelmed by the sheer excitement of being reunited with my best friends to even take my camera out of my bag. After dinner we headed to Clery's for more drinks and more dancing. Apparently, I decided that the best time to break out the camera would be after we had run through Earl's torrential rains and then spent thirty minutes dancing in the bar's sweaty basement... Clearly, in retrospect, this was a poor decision as the rain and the dancing caused me to resemble a drowned rat.

{An Irish bar in Boston? Naturally.}

In addition to lots of shots of the girls, I also captured a particularly creepy guy who was flying solo and loitering awkwardly in the shadows...

 The next morning, or more accurately - the next early afternoon, we pulled ourselves together for a fabulous brunch at Stephi's on Tremont.

{checking out of our hotel}

After some food and bloody marys, we felt human again. Earl had made a swift departure, so we made our way to the beach to continue our recoveries.

Sunday began with Brandy finding a Smirnoff Ice in her purse. Despite the fact that the icer was not present and none of us girls would have judged her if she pretended not to see the repulsive beverage, Brandy took a knee and chugged that room temperature Smirnoff like the woman of integrity that she is. 

After the icing,  we returned to the beach but ended up spending most of our time at Barefoot Bob's Beach Grill.

{Seriously. How gorgeous are my friends?}

Back at Brandy's there was more wine and lots of posing.

After the photo shoot, we went on a walk that ended with one more photo and my discovery of a rather alarming sign that had been discarded in the street.

So, to sum up... There was chatting and sunning. There was drinking and dancing. But mostly, there was a lot of laughing.

I can't wait to do it again.

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  1. Aw! So much fun! Thanks Kate! Love you girls!


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