Friday, September 30, 2011

Adios, September!

September was not my friend this year, so I'm glad that it's just about over. October holds way better things; I can just tell. Plus, even if my psychic powers and positive mental energy fail and October sucks too, at least there is candy at the end. In any event, here is September as seen by my phone.

My walk home from the gym along La Cienega.
{Kristen Buckingham Interior Design}
{The Spanish Kitchen}
{Scalamandre - obviously. I really want to start owning that yellow zebra umbrella.}
{olive tree}

This shirt is for sale at Bloomingdale's for fifty dollars. Fifty. Can we all agree that the whole ugly clothes in the name of irony thing has gone too far?

Greyhound with rosemary garnish at Mandrake.

It's almost that time...

Back to Coronado.

A.C. Slater!

Gillian Welch and David Rawlings at the Music Box - never thought I would enjoy bluegrass so much.

*I've been using a new camera app called Camera+. I don't like the filters as much as Instagram, but I do like that you can take multiple pictures and edit them after the fact.

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