Sunday, September 4, 2011

Felicities-Weekend Update Edition

In the spirit of getting back on the blog wagon, a few things that have been making me happy of late...

-the good health of my favorite people
This is always top of my list, but especially lately. There's been good health news from coast to coast!

-unexpectedly excellent customer service 
At the beginning of last week, my Kindle looked like this:
{Sherlock himself would struggle to decipher this one...}
Two days after a brief, surprisingly pleasant chat with an Amazon representative, this arrived:

- the promise of future craftiness
Stay tuned...

-long weekends that involve music, beach time, and family dinner
Friday night kicked off with Fitz and the Tantrums at the racetrack. It was a phenomenal show. If you haven't heard them, you should change that now.  They are incredibly talented, and I don't think I've ever seen such a high-energy show.

The pictures don't do it justice - have a listen.

On Saturday, Tom and I spent most of the day at Dog Beach with my dad and Lucy. Thanks to a storm in New Zealand, there was some pretty impressive surf.

 In fact, the red flag was up, meaning the water was off limits except for surfers.

Speaking of surfers, I used my telephoto lens to spy on a couple of them. There was this guy...

Then there was his buddy who stuck to smaller waves but demonstrated some impressive acrobatics.

And, of course, Lucy was unfazed by the waves and gamely retrieved her toys...80% of the time.

Today brought a quick stop by Mission Beach to see my sister's new apartment, which is absolutely lovely. If my college housing had been steps from the beach, I may have never left.  After leaving Mission Beach, we made the requisite stop by the Parkhouse for chilaquiles before heading back to Los Angeles.
I never remember to take a picture of the mythical chilaquiles, but some Yelp user did, so for your viewing pleasure, the meal that Tom requires at least once a month...

Today's final felicity?

- couch time on lazy Sunday afternoons

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