Monday, September 12, 2011

Gettin' Crafty With It - Chicken Wire Edition

Inspired by this, this, and this (I may or may not have a serious Pinterest problem), I went to Goodwill and my parents' garage over the last couple of weeks in search of old frames.

Goodwill offered up these beauties:
{Not exactly something I want hanging on my walls...}
I decided that I would turn them into jewelry storage/display. I always forget to put jewelry on, and then when I do think of it, I always find a tangled mess in my jewelry box. I figured if my "jewels" are in plain sight, I might be more likely to wear them.

First, I got out the spray paint.
{Spray paint is my favorite. It is impossible to screw up.}

For one frame, I broke out the wire cutters and staple gun.

On the second frame, I screwed three hooks into back.

I hung the finished products up next to my dresser.

For project number two, I procured this frame from my parents' garage:
{Not terrible, but not really the vibe we're going for.}
After more spray paint, wire cutting, and staple gunning, I had this:

So, you might ask, what is the purpose? Weeeellll, I have a habit of ripping little pieces of inspiration from magazines and saving favorite quotes wherever I find them. In order to be inspired by my inspirational clippings, I need to be able to see them, so I started taping them to the wall over my desk.
{The tape is a little ghetto, no?}
Enter my new chicken wire bulletin board. Oh, and because I was left to my own devices last night when Tom went to a show, I got a little crazy. Not wild crazy, crazy crazy. By this I mean, I decorated clothespins. Who does this? I didn't even know that they (who?) still made clothespins until I came across this little jar full of them at The Broome Street General Store a month or two ago. They had just been sitting in their little jar looking all cute and plain until last night when I broke out the paint chips and some origami paper that I had lying around. I cut the paper to fit and slapped it on the clothespins with some Mod Podge. I'm sure if I thought about it for thirty seconds, I could come up with eleven better ways to spend a half hour, but whatever, now I have pretty clothespins.

{I will never be satisfied by unadorned clothespins again.}
Today I hung my new chicken-wire-bulletin-board-type-thing over my desk and used my newly bedazzled clothespins to attach my little scraps to the chicken wire.

How's this for inspiration? Pure, unadulterated, doggy bliss...
{Canine Bliss Series by Chris Becker, ripped from the pages of Real Simple}

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