Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer According to iPhone

I generally bring my big camera with me for all major outings for potential photo-ops, but sometimes it's not allowed or I feel like being attempting to be stylish and ladylike with a bag that holds less than three cubic feet of stuff. In these instances I turn to my Swiss Army phone, and frankly, this thing takes better pictures than any of my previous cameras. Plus it helps me to do so many other awesome things* like...

And you can make calls with it! Amazing. But I digress. Point is, sometimes I take pictures with my phone and then forget that they are there. I will try to be more vigilant going forward, but for now you're stuck with my whole summer as seen by my iPhone. Consider this my back-to-school, "what I did over summer vacation" visual essay.

This summer...

I kicked the season off with Memorial Day weekend in San Francisco for Jimmy and Kisha's wedding.
{Jimmy and Kisha}
{view from Sausalito}
I did some shopping.  Another great feature of the smartphone - dressing room feedback. 
{This outfit was sister-approved via text message and then purchased.}
{These shoes got an "eh" and were not purchased.}
I loved Lucy.
{And Lucy loved Dog Beach.}
{She also loves rolling in the sand.}
I soaked up Vermont and celebrated Mike and Erin's wedding.
{Fourth of July - Church Street, Burlington, VT}
{stairs, Leddy Park}
{Lake Champlain}
{Lake Champlain}
{sister shoes}
{bridesmaid bouquet}
{first dance}
 I moved, and in packing, turned up some evidence of a former, very crazy landlord.
{letter from Max including picture of his infected arm...??}
 I returned to San Diego...a lot.
{This is where the meditation app comes in handy.}
{wedding dress shopping}
{North Beach}
{Mom's roses}

{Mom's birthday}

{En Fuego, Del Mar}

I took pictures of some strange, only in LA sights...
{missing soccer-playing, magical pony named Tiffany - awesome.}
{the waiting room...of my dentist's office}

I watched Tom play music.
{backstage, Humphrey's by the Bay}
{Tom and Devin, Humphrey's}
{Melly Frances and the Distilled Spirits, Casbah}
 I watched other people play music.
{Phish, Hollywood Bowl}

{Goo Goo Dolls, the Greek - whatever, I got to meet Bob Saget that night}
{Brandi Carlile and Ray Lamontagne, the Greek}
{some band, some bar in Silverlake}
 I explored my new neck of the woods.
{Santa Monica pier}
{Santa Monica from the Ferris wheel}
{Zuma Beach, Malibu}
{Ventura County}
{Spice Station, Silverlake}
{Paramount Studios}
 *Another excellent feature of the iPhone? You can record your husband playing with his light saber. Gross, stop it. That's not a euphemism. You didn't think I discovered the light saber ap on my own, did you?

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