Friday, September 9, 2011


In an effort to focus on the positive...more things that make me happy!

- plentiful produce
I'm sure that this has made the list before, but the bounty of fresh. local produce that is always available is one of the many reasons that I can't imagine living anywhere but California. Late summer is a real high point...
{heirloom tomatoes}
-lazy brunches at which we spot celebrities
On Monday, Tom and I slept in. Like super, ridiculous, lazy slept in. By the time we were finally showered and reasonably presentable, it was almost one and we were ravenous. We made our way to Le Pain Quotidienne (the name sounds unbearably pretentious in West Hollywood, but the original was in Belgium, so they get a pass). It was delicious, and we saw my sister's celeb doppelgänger, Amanda Peet.

-homemade lunches
There are lots of things about being unemployed that suck - the lack of a paycheck and sense of purpose being two that come to mind, but there are also some things about being unemployed that do not suck. One of those non-suck things is having more than thirty minutes to prepare and eat lunch. The ability to go to the bathroom whenever I wish is also a plus. But I digress. Today I took some of the aforementioned plentiful produce and made myself a kick ass salad for lunch and I ate it when I wanted, not at some predetermined time when the man thinks I should have lunch... This is sounding less and less cool as I write it, but it's the little things, right? Right? Whatever, my salad was awesome. Work is for suckers.

-finishing stuff
This week my sense of accomplishment came from completing a crafty project that involved wire cutters, spray paint, and a staple gun. I felt like a teenaged hoodlum; it was awesome. Pictures are on the way, but here's a preview.

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