Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Midgey!!

My super fly, ultra-smart, singularly sweet, gorgeous baby sister turned 21 yesterday. Being far more sophisticated and mature than I was at 21, she did not go out and get sloppy drunk at her first legal opportunity. Instead, we celebrated Shack-family style with wine and reflections and stories and laughter all wrapped up in a dining experience. 

Peohe's hooked us up with custom, celebratory menus.

{photo credit: MoShack}

And the waiter played along and carded the Midge.

{Photo credit: MoShack}

There was much posing and documenting of the evening.

{Photo credit: waiter man}

{Photo credit: MamaShack}
 Dinner ended as dinner at Peohe's must - with lava cake.

Twenty-first birthdays, however, are extra-special and thereby require multiple cakes...

{I just realized that this picture includes: Mom, Dad, birthday cake, funky head scarf, and champagne...what a lucky birthday girl!}

Happy Birthday, Midge! 

{Cry baby no more!}

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