Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Felicities

Things that made me happy this week:

*the anniversary of Midgey's birth

*celebrating the anniversary of Midgey's birth with delicious sushi

*the way that spring mediates the battle between winter and summer
Even in the supposedly seasonless clime of Southern California, I can feel the winter-summer tension of the mid-March battle for dominion.

One minute summer is winning - the roadsides are covered in wildflowers in full bloom, longer days invite evening walks, strawberries and tangerines have replaced swiss chard and mustard greens at the farmer's markets, and the stores are practically giving away daffodils.

At other times, winter takes the lead - the rain pours down, temperatures don't crack sixty (I am still talking San Diego winter), the weatherman predicts more snow in the mountains, scarves and boots are legitimate clothing choices, and an evening fire seems like the perfect way to fight the chill.

*mid-week movie and wine nights
I headed up to Long Beach for a conference on Wednesday. So, knowing that I wouldn't face a gaggle of needy adolescents the next day, I stayed up late on Tuesday to enjoy my husband, a silly movie, and a heavy red...

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