Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cape Mayhem

On Saturday afternoon, the sun defied expectations and came out to shine on a little outdoor fun. The residents of Cape May Avenue in Ocean Beach acquired the requisite permits and closed off their street to host "a free event celebrating community and music."

OB being OB, there was a wonderfully diverse group in attendance. The street was packed with dreadlocked hippies, skinny jeaned hipsters, stroller pushing mamas, homeless vets, scruffy musicians, cholo types, and free spirits galore. At least fifty percent of those in attendance were accompanied by a canine companion. Bigs was my favorite.

Drinking and dancing all afternoon necessitates some sort of non-liquid sustenance, and that need was easily met by the fabulous Green Truck, a 100% organic food truck that runs on vegetable oil and solar power. 

They also use compostable utensils and plates which are added to the food scraps in the compost bin underneath the truck. The resulting compost is delivered to the farms where they source their ingredients. Seriously cool.

Happily, in addition to being food for the planet, the food was also good for my mouth. I think I won with my grilled mahi tacos, but Tom insisted that his chicken pesto wrap was top notch. 

Bigs was also a fan of Green Truck's offerings.

Then, of course, there was the music.  Tom has been playing with Melly Frances and the Distilled Spirits for awhile now, and they put on  a great performance under a small tent at the end of Cape May Ave.

Once the sun started to set and the temperature dipped to the mid-fifties, I wimped out and headed home, but I'm told that Tom and Devin wrapped up the night with some crowd-pleasing covers that even had the police tapping their feet when they came by to enforce the 10pm curfew. All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday.

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