Monday, April 26, 2010


In searching for photographs of Jim Crow signs for my unit on the rhetoric of the Civil Rights Movement, I came across this brilliant example of what happens when racism, arrogance, and general stupidity collide...

Please note, I did not add the arrow. I am confident that you would have been perfectly capable of zeroing in on the irony without it. (The use of are is clearly the most egregious error, but what's with the dash? Or is it a hyphen?)

I particularly like how she took the extra step of double underlining her stupidity. You know, in case we missed it.

Joking aside, I am outraged by what is going down in Arizona. Visiting the Grand Canyon may not be in the cards this year because, unless this ridiculous law is struck down, I will not be spending a dime in Arizona. In addition to making it a crime for immigrants to leave the house without  proof of their immigration status, the new law gives police the power to detain and demand immigration paperwork from anyone whom they reasonably suspect may be in the country illegally. The problem, of course, is that no one has defined "reasonable suspicion," and it is safe to say that the police will not suddenly be demanding paperwork from the Canadian, French, Norweigan, and Australian immigrants who make their homes in Arizona.

If the goal is to end the drug violence that spills over the border from Mexico, it seems to me that, rather than implementing a law that cannot help but lead to racial profiling and increased distrust between the police and Mexican-Americans, it would make more sense to attempt to win the loyalty and support of the millions of law-abiding Mexican immigrants, legal and otherwise.

End rant.
Well said.

In closing - these two are unrelated to the immigration issue and should therefore be saved for another day's rant, but this website I found is a treasure trove of ridiculous signs and I couldn't not include these...

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