Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Flat and Some Heels

Waiting in the Shell parking lot for the shifty mechanic to repair my flat tire... I say shifty because he charged me ten dollars more than he charged Tom for the exact same service three months ago. When I questioned him, he spouted a lengthy list of testosterone-laden car vocabulary and my eyes glazed over. It was a total cliche. I could have argued the point, but I had just spent eight hours arguing with fifteen-year-olds and my feet hurt, so I went and sat, ankles crossed, on the bench to wait like a good little lady.

I realize it's a rough transition, but... While we're talking about heels and aching feet, I would like these shoes and an occasion that requires them, please. Thank you.


  1. Those would look great on you. I think we should throw ourselves a cocktail party for our 30ths. That would be an occasion!

  2. Thanks Kels! I think that sounds like a superb idea. And I was definitely counting on your help for the wine country picnic!


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