Monday, January 3, 2011

A Preview

I have tons of pictures of Florida fun to go through, but I couldn't wait to post these. On New Year's Eve, Tom, his parents, and I headed to Lido Beach for sunset cocktails. It was the first warm day of our trip, so we were all excited to be outside. The sunset was gorgeous, and a couple of dolphins showed up to complete the quintessential evening beach scene. I didn't have much hope of capturing anything, but I set my cocktail aside to try out my fancy new telephoto lens.

The dolphins seemed to enjoy the audience of twenty or so people who stopped to watch them, and they hung out, breaching and frolicking for at least fifteen minutes. By the time they disappeared, I knew that I had gotten at least a few shots of fins, but it was hard to tell much from my camera's LCD screen. It wasn't until I transferred the pictures to my computer that I could see just how lucky I got. The pictures are pretty grainy, but my heart started pounding when I saw them because I was so excited that I had managed to capture on film what I couldn't even see when I was standing on the beach - dolphin dinner hour.


  1. There are AMAZING Katie :)

  2. I ment to write these are amazing......haha


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