Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Distraction

I am sitting here watching the news, unable to turn away from coverage of the atrocity in Arizona. I am going to hold my tongue for now. At the moment, I am too angry, frustrated, and sad to put together a thoughtful summary of my reaction and what I think it says about our culture.

The cable news channels have gone back to taking commercial breaks, and they are providing a welcome distraction from the news itself. Particularly enjoyable was an ad by the World Wildlife Federation. Over breathtaking footage of beautiful wild tigers stalking through the jungle, a concerned voice enumerates the many threats to the giant cats. The speaker goes on to explain that for as little as $25, anyone can "symbolically adopt a tiger."

Don't get too excited, it says symbolically. I would love to know what happened to prompt the WWF to add the symbolically disclaimer to their literature. I'm picturing an outraged donor calling to demand a refund when he realized that no one was going to deliver an orphaned tiger cub to his door. "Oh. It's not a literal adoption? You should say that!"

I realize that this seems random, but try to follow my train of thought...

Here is a picture that I came across and saved two months ago. I am jealous of this girl. She's wearing a wedding dress, she probably gets tons of free clothes from J. Crew, and a baby leopard is whispering in her ear. Bitch.

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