Friday, January 7, 2011

Mythical Beast Spotted in San Diego

Thanks again to Groupon, I attended a photography workshop today. It was well worth the four hours and sixty bucks because I am now comfortable-ish in manual mode and I finally figured out how to get a shallow depth of field...not particularly complicated actually.

Combine these two and you have a pretty good idea how I look at the moment.

I skipped the photo safari since I am three days post chemical peel and rather disturbing to look at. Where my skin isn't cracked and peeling off, it's red and wrinkly. It's truly unsettling.  I was afraid that one of the other photographers might inadvertently capture a picture of me in the background of one of her shots.  I can just imagine her going home, looking through the pictures from the afternoon's photo shoot, discovering my horrifying visage in the corner of a shot, and assuming that she has photographic evidence of the existence of Chupacabra or La Llorona (an evil, child-stealing ghost of Mexican lore). Next thing I know, I'm in line at the grocery store and there's my disfigured mug on the cover of the National Enquirer... So, to avoid that outcome, I came home and hid hermit-style in my apartment for the rest of the afternoon.

Before disappearing for the day, I did take a couple shots to test out my new understanding of depth of field.

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