Monday, February 4, 2013

Mo Gets Married

Six months ago today, my sister married her best friend and the all-around nicest guy I have ever met. Seriously, Buckley is deep down in his bones kind. And upbeat. I like him quite a lot. Plus, he's weird in all the best ways, just like Mo.
{photo by True Photography}
The wedding was beautiful and so much fun, and I have no idea why it has taken me so long to post about it, but once it was months past, it seemed appropriate to prepare this recap in honor of their half-year anniversary. Since I was in the wedding, my photographic documentation has some big holes, but Mo and Jon had amazing photographers from True Photography and I had to restrain myself from posting every single one of their images. Here goes.

There were, of course, plenty of pre-wedding festivities...

There were mani-pedis, obviously.

There was a bonfire and a beautiful full moon.

There was a lot of laughing.  
{Mo's oldest friend, Caroline, with my sisters}
And eating.
{The rehearsal dinner in my parents' backyard}
 And posing.
{The bride and groom, the bridal party, and my parents}
{My mom, her siblings, and Miss Lucy}
There was softball.
{Buckley's Uncle Tony}
And an epic scrapbook finished at the eleventh hour by the aforementioned Caroline.

On the big day itself, there was primping and picture taking.

And lots and lots of flowers.

Now for an overload of True Photography's photos.
{One of our bridesmaid gifts were these adorable robes from Plum Pretty Sugar}

{The Shackford sisters right before we helped Mo into her dress}
Not surprisingly, Maureen looked absolutely stunning.

Mo hit it out of the park with gifts for my parents. She gave my mom a bracelet that was inscribed, "You showed me what true love looks like," and she had my dad in tears with his handkerchief.

He got her back later with his toast...

But I'm skipping ahead... There was a beautiful ceremony that inexplicably involved several stuffed animals. Tragically, I cannot find any pictures of the stuffed animal portion of the event.

 I really love this one.

Then there was a trolley ride and some amazing photo ops.

Then it was party time at Torrey Pines.
Mo and my dad pulled off a father-daughter dance remix, which was expertly choreographed by Meghan. I Hope You Dance segued into Shipping Off to Boston by the Dropkick Murphys, at which point Mo and Dad donned Red Sox hats. From there it was Crank That by the inimitable Soulja Boy followed by Usher's Yeah!. I wish I had video, but you'll just have to use your imagination. It was next level.

And then, there was the photobooth, which was...amazing. I think my dad enjoyed it more than anyone. He definitely got his money's worth...
{So, so much laughing}
{That one on the left features Tom with fellow groomsman, Nader. Nader is also now Tom's dentist. So there's that.}
{The middle strip features my parents and their oldest friends from Vermont. The guy in the giant pink sunglasses and jester's hat? My pediatrician. So there's that too.}
And one last shot of the happy couple...

Now, six months and one unbearably adorable puppy later, these two make marriage look good. Love you guys!

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