Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy February 15th!

I started working on this after dinner last night, but Tom wanted my full attention on cuddling and Downton Abby watching. He pointed out that my Christmas post came roughly six weeks late, so publishing my Valentine's post a day or two late would be a great triumph. I could hardly argue with that, so...

I ended up taking my desire for more honeysuckle and less beige literally over the last week or two by breaking out the paints and construction paper and pink-ifying everything around here. 

Paints plus excessive Pinteresting led to a burst of craftiness that resulted in some redecorating. I started with a project inspired by copied from here. The heart looks black, but I swear it's a really deep red.
{Beyond My Wildest Dreams is the title of our first dance song.}
Then I stole this idea and painted some watercolor hummingbirds. I'm pretty sure that I came up with the multi-lingual I love you painting myself, but I may have absorbed that from the internet too.
{The San Diego coastline print on the left was a gift from Mo, and on the right is my fledgling globe collection.}
Valentine's Day was lovely in these parts. I gave Tom an oversized novelty card from 7-11, and he brought home calla lilies and made an amazing dinner of oysters and filet with a blueberry bourbon sauce. So yeah...he won. But that's as it should be.
{Oysters and steak don't really photograph well, but it was divine.}
I really do have the best valentine.

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  1. put the computer down and cuddle me damnit!
    By the way, the globes are on the right, not the left...I know you have trouble with directions, but sheesh! Love ya!


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