Friday, October 14, 2011

Doggy Dopamine?

I am running out of clever ways to describe the dramatic impact that even a few minutes with Lucy can have on my mood. She really is the best mood stabilizer.

Tom had to go to Colorado for work at the beginning of the week, so I headed south to my parents' house. The job search has been looking a bit grim lately, and I had let it get to me so a weekend away was exactly what I needed. Lucky for me, my parents are masters of encouragement and advice, live in paradise, and have a magical, cuddly, therapy-delivering black lab for a pet.

The beach has always been my go-to, my favorite place, and it's always where I head when I'm in need of comfort or clarity or calm.

But the beach with a dog? Even better.
{Doesn't she look pensive?}
{I'm pretty sure that Lucy loves the beach at least as much as I do.}

Normally, Lucy lives up to her Labrador Retriever heritage, but for some reason, she wasn't really feeling it this time. I ended up chasing the ball more than she did, but it made for some funny moments.
{Where'd she go?}
{What was I supposed to be doing again?}
{That looks familiar...}
{¿QuĂ© es esto?}
Unfortunately, my mom had to work two of the days that I was visiting, so it was just me, Dad, and Lucy during the day. In other words, I was the third wheel. These two are seriously in love.

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