Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apparently my neighborhood is not as gentrified as I thought it was...

So, there I am - in my Prius, listening to NPR, on my way home from the art store where I purchased watercolors and paper for a little project I have in mind. I am also wearing yoga pants. Basically, I am the picture of yuppiedom. [Yes, I am aware that the p in yuppie stands for professional and that I am currently unemployed, but that is not strictly relevant to the story at hand.]

As I am about to turn down my quiet tree-lined street, the police car coming from the opposite direction lights up and turns in front of me. Before I really register what's happening, the officer has parked diagonally across my street, hopped out of his car, and pulled a gun on a guy sitting on the steps of an apartment two doors down from mine. Things then proceeded just like they do on Law and Order. The cop started yelling and cursing at the alleged hoodlum. The (alleged) hoodlum put his hands up and dropped to his knees. The cop continued, "Lie down! Put your fucking face down!" Etcetera.

I didn't know whether to try to squeeze past the patrol car or stay where I was. I mean, it was just the three of us on the street; what if Officer Saves-the-Day needed back-up? By this time there was a helicopter circling over head, so I opted for slowly rolling through the intersection, pausing briefly to take a picture (you're welcome), and continuing to my garage.

By the time I made it up to my mailbox from the garage, there were four more cars and a half dozen cops outside, and the suspicious individual was in handcuffs.

Cut to commercial. Cue Law and Order theme music.

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