Monday, April 11, 2011

Jibe Ho!

I'm not fully ready to cross it off the list yet, but I got a good start on life list item #22 this weekend. Thanks once again to Groupon, Tom and I spent most of Saturday and Sunday out on the bay with Captain Rob who made a good faith effort at teaching us how to sail. I was a little concerned about the direction the weekend was taking when we arrived on Saturday morning and received a stern lecture about our failure to read Sailing Made Easy in its entirety. When Captain Rob informed us that there would be a one hundred question test the following morning, I was sure the weekend was doomed.

Happily, with a little extra studying plus several hours on the water, Tom and I (along with our fellow sailors-in-training, Ben and Karen) passed the test with flying colors and are now officially ASA (American Sailing Association) certified. I think we'll be heading back out to sea the bay in the near future to practice our new skills.

{This was not our boat/}

{Acting as helmsman was not my strong suit, so Captain Rob stayed close by.}
{Tom manning the starboard jib sheet. I totally get nautical terminology now.}
{Sustenance after a hard day at sea}

{I totally won dinner.}

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