Thursday, July 15, 2010

Suddenly Summer

Somewhere between the May Gray and the June Gloom that lasted well into July, summer snuck in. The dreary weather of the last few weeks has been kind of a nice because it has given me an excuse to hole up, completely guilt free, with my crafting and cooking. However, keeping all of the windows closed and wearing long sleeves and actual shoes in mid-July was starting to get a little old, so I celebrated the return of the sun this Monday with a trip to the pool and an indolent hour during which I did nothing but treat my vitamin D deficiency.

And now that the sunny side of summer has shown up, I have to maybe, probably, hopefully go back to school. I have spent the past five weeks vacillating (somewhat psychotically) between indifference, hope, despair, and a kind of forced nonchalance as the school district sat on its metaphorical hands and... Well, I have no idea what the district district has been doing for the past three months. Lobbying for a bulk discount on red tape? Attending trainings on new ways in which bureaucracy can be used to supplant common sense?

I know what they haven't been doing, and that is figuring out who will be teaching the fifteen sections of English that are currently open at my school site. That translates to roughly 465 students, students who return to campus in three days, who are currently without an English teacher. Students who will likely spend the first couple weeks of their ninth and tenth grade years with a rotating cast of substitutes. Apparently I should have added righteous indignation to my list of rotating mental states...

Anyway, the point is - it's sunny and warm and the forecast is for more of the same. I will be taking advantage of the new weather pattern by crossing another activity off of my list this weekend...  Tom and I have a paddle board lesson scheduled for Saturday morning; I assume that I will have Jennifer Aniston-style biceps in no time.

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