Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Week In

This is about the only coherent thought that I can form at the end of the day...


I've only had students for four days, and I'm still adjusting to being back at school. And by that I mean, I have abandoned all semblance of balance in my life, deserted the gym, and eaten almost nothing besides takeout since the kiddos returned last week.  I am out of teacher shape for sure. I went from spending all day alone and living pretty much schedule-free, to spending all day with fourteen-year-olds and having to regulate my fluid intake in order to not pee my pants between tightly scheduled fifteen minute bathroom breaks.  

I'll get there though; this year is already off to a much better start than last. I don't want to good mouth it yet, but it looks like I have only a couple of hooligans to wrangle this year. This is a welcome change from last year when the balance of each class leaned strongly in the hooligan direction.

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