Sunday, May 23, 2010

What's our vector, Victor?

I don't know about Victor, but our vectors are of the mouse variety...

After finding some...uh, evidence of mouse activity in my bathroom, Tom called the landlord. The next night, I went to bed around 11 and was awakened about an hour later by a...I don't want to say scream because it was definitely much more manly than an exclamation of sorts. What I gathered through my Benadryl-induced fog was that Tom had come in to go to bed only to spy our little mouse guest sitting on his bedside table...watching me sleep

This little incident prompted another, more demanding call to the landlord, and the next day Lloyd Pest Control came out and placed 15 traps. After realizing that the mouse was the sort of pervy mouse that would watch me sleep, I didn't really feel bad about the use of the less than humane snap traps... After two weeks of coming back every couple of days to check the traps only to report "no activity," Lloyd's removed all of the traps. Shrug. I guess he was just passing through.

If there is a next time, however, I will go with the catch-and-release traps. I saw this awesomely ridiculous, science project looking thing today and will definitely pick it up next time...

The website that sells the Catch a Mouse trap assures me that the trap is simple to use and that the mice are quite content to hang out in the empty soda bottle ("They nibble on the bait and become relaxed — they often even fall to sleep") until you can "relocate" them.  Seems pretty straightforward.

If that doesn't work, I could always go with your standard Mouse Trap, Hasbro style.

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