Friday, November 2, 2012

Summer, Part I

Soooo, summer happened. I did new stuff. I sucked at blogging. I've said all this before. Shut up. Here's the re-cap in mostly photographic, mostly chronological form.

 There was a picnic and a jazz concert.

There was a trip downtown see Tootsie at an old theater.

                 Geena Davis was there.

There were bachelorette shenanigans in a fabulous house in Palm Springs.


There was lots of QT with Lucy and her people.
{Lucy watches TV.}
{Lucy also gives cuddles.}
{Lucy loves the beach almost as much as my parents love taking her.}
{Lucy, the Laprador}

There was a beer fest at the boathouse.
There was some running.
          Coronado Ride and Stride.
     America's Finest City Half Marathon

There were wedding dress fittings.

 There was a visit from Mom and Dad, which involved an outdoor viewing of what I think I can safely say (Hold on to your hat, Dad.) is my favorite movie.
{How cute are they?}

    Oh yeah, Wesley was there...
    Since I have seen The Princess Bride approximately eleventy thousand times, I know most of it
    by heart and have the admittedly annoying habit of saying them along with the characters. I added
    captions so you can enjoy the full experience...
{Damn but that is a good movie.}

Part II tomorrow...

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