Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Re-Cap

West Hollywood does not play when it comes to Halloween; the costumes are really incredibly. In fact, half of them could probably more accurately be described as floats...

 Take this duo (there was a guy in the scuba suit) and their under-the-sea masterpiece, for example.

Most people seemed to find safety in costumes were the order of the evening.

No idea...

Again, no idea, but to be fair, these guys have something to do with a show that hasn't even premiered yet... 

These guys, I know. Sesame Street fo' life.

This guy had a cat accessory and he went around performing card tricks...

I think that Halloween is the day that all of the cologne-drenched boys at my gym work toward all year long... partial nudity was a popular costume. These guys managed to capture all of the big three: float-like costume, group effort (admittedly less cohesive than most), and partial nudity. Also - sparkles.

As if all the costume-peeping wasn't enough entertainment, they had several stages set up, and we happily bopped to Vaud and Villains' first set. With over 19 people, including a guy with a flaming tuba, on stage, it was quite a spectacle.

Gumby and Pokey prepare to get down...

And now, the best costume of the night...Mayans, complete with pyramid and Mayan calendar, carrying warning signs of the end of the world.

And then Miss Honey Boo Boo herself showed up and the "Mayans" insisted that she pose with the sign explaining her role in the apocalypse.

Tom and I decided that we need to go in costume next year, which means that we are going to have to start brainstorming now.

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  1. Hooray!!!
    Btw, I think it was the Muppet's, not Sesame Street


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