Monday, June 6, 2011

Catching Up

That's what I have been doing for the last week... First I was catching up on grading that I had avoided for most of the last quarter, then I was catching up on sleep, and now I'm here to catch up on updating you all (i.e.: my immediate family) on the minutiae of my daily life that so fascinates you...

Adventure #1 - Las Vegas

Now, Vegas is not what I would consider my jam. This is only because I don't gamble, and lately it seems that even being in the same room with a bottle of tequila leaves me completely incapacitated and on the verge of death. My brother and Erin decided to have their bachelor/bachelorette festivities in the City of Sin, so being the loving sister that I am, I joined them despite the very real threat of a potentially fatal hangover... Turns out, you can go to Vegas and consume in moderation...I'm growing! Or becoming very lame.

{Staying off the strip was probably key in my hangover-free weekend}

There was plenty of posing and shenanigans in the (poorly lit) room before heading out.
{Mo and Buckley}
{This horrible picture is of Michael and Erin and is sadly, the only one I have of the two of them together that weekend.}
{Finger guns were apparently Mo's go-to pose for the evening.)

The Palms

After spending the day by the pool, we headed to the Strip for sustenance. We ate at a pub at the Monte Carlo where we also enjoyed our own personal keg-bong type of contraption.
The next stop was Minus5. This is a bar where you pay to borrow giant boots, a coat, and gloves so that you can go drink cocktails from cups made of ice in a room made of ice. The place is kept at a frosty 23 degrees (negative five Celsius, hence the name) and is filled with tipsy idiots like us who pay of the privilege of freezing our asses off. The Vermonter in me was ashamed. They won't let you bring your camera in because they want to be able to sell you the photos that their professional photographer takes, so the best I can do is this link to a picture of our group in varying states of undress... 

Next it was on to jello shots...
We took some jello shots to go...

which led to strapping Meghan into the "Hannibal Lecter" bed for a mini snooze.

There was more posing... Can you tell there was a color theme?

Then we headed out for more festivities, and the boys and girls went their separate ways.

Mo, Meghan, and I made like ballers and found some action at Maltese Fortune...

At brunch Buckley looked positively regal in his authentic Indian garb - ordered direct from
After a solid afternoon by the pool, Tom and I headed home. The next weekend we were back in the car again, this time headed to San Francisco... Looks like my catching up will be continued to tomorrow...

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