Sunday, May 1, 2011

Friday Felicities {Better Late Than Never}

I've been sick for the past couple of days, so this is going to be a bit of a bush league post. Despite the fact that my vacation ended on Monday, this week was a really good one, filled with lots of things that make me happy, but I have spent the last forty or so hours in a feverish haze of stomach flu ickiness; therefore, I lack the energy for editing photos and having original thoughts.

Sooo, this week, I give you the embarrassing truth - the internet makes me very, very happy. In addition to making lesson planning a breeze, the internet is a source of endless entertainment. Without the world wide web, I might never have had the absolute pleasure of encountering the following:

Funny things:
 {Yeah, if I have to be subjected to 24/7 coverage of a spectacle, I prefer the royal wedding to the Trump nonsense.}

 source: someecards

{Sorry, Mom. Sometimes the internet has a potty mouth.}


{I think Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about a lot of things...}
                                                                                                           Source: None

Super Cute Things:

{Seriously. If not for the internet, I may have gone my whole life without seeing a baby owl in a snow hat... }

{Well, hello friend.} Source:

Inspiring Things:
                                                                                     {True, yes?}                                                                         

{I need to go here. Thailand, apparently.}


  {I want this for my classroom.}          Source:

Things that Fill Me with Envy/Materialistic Lust:
*Ok, maybe the internet has its risks, you know, besides pedophiles.

                                                               {I want a book nook!}


{I want to stroll casually through a foreign flea market in a lovely golden dress!}

{I want to dine in an underwater restaurant!}  




{I want a porch with a bed swing! Stomps foot.}

The internet is also home to informative things, delicious things, scary things, beautiful things, sad things, crafty things, and celebrity things, but my eyelids are heavy so I'll have to share those another time...

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