Sunday, May 15, 2011


Things to be happy about:

*free flowers  
Flowers are good; free flowers are better.
{Thanks, Storm Florist!}
 *Michael's     Oh, the possibilities in a trip to Micheal's... Like a loser, I went to Michael's on Friday night looking for inspiration for some crafty fun. The problem is that trips to Michael's give me an inflated sense of my crafting abilities and thereby a distorted conception of my craft supply needs. 

Of course I should have a rainbow collection of grosgrain ribbon for all my gift wrapping needs. 

 The glitter gets me every time. Glitter plus Martha Stewart's seal of approval? Yes, please.
 Embroidery floss? Maybe it's time that friendship bracelets make a comeback.
The stamp aisle is particularly dangerous because I have absolutely no need for stamps, but they're so pretty...

This fact is probably something to be sad about, but these storage containers make me ridiculously happy. After my super cool Friday night trip to Michael's, I came home and organized my pantry. I am a loser.

 *homemade cookies
In typical Katie fashion, I came home from Michael's with the necessary craft supplies for a new project and then promptly got distracted and decided to bake cookies. Sometimes my ADD is delicious...  This recipe for whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies is my new favorite.


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