Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekend Recovery

This past (four day!) weekend was exactly what I needed. {Although now it's Wednesday already and I'm just getting around to writing about the weekend.} With four days instead of the usual, miserly two, I didn't have to choose between relaxation and responsibility; there was plenty of time to be both industrious and indolent. I graded papers, cleaned bathrooms, washed sheets, bought groceries, and scrubbed floors, but I also watched movies, shared meals, took naps, drank Greyhounds, walked aimlessly, and photographed randomly. The end result was that by the end of the weekend, I felt good. Of course, there was more that could have been done, but I felt like I had struck a good balance. Bottom line-I would like to make four day weekends a regular occurrence.

One of the weekend's highlights was getting to watch Tom play some music.  I love watching him play, so was happy to brave the rain on Saturday night to watch he and Devin perform with a couple of other local musicians. Thanks to my sisters, my mom, and my friend Jaime for also battling the elements to show their support.

I have yet to figure out the best way to take pictures in the super low light that is apparently requisite for all live music performances. Sadly, what follows are the best shots of the night. Tom and Devin played first...

They were followed by brothers Billy and Bobby Shaddox whose father joined them at the end of their set.

Tom and Devin returned to the (now very crowded) stage for a few more songs with the Shaddox gentlemen at the end of the evening.

{Apologies to Papa Shaddox for hiding him in the shadows}
It was an evening of great music. I may be biased (after all, I am a pseudo celebrity now that a song bearing my name has become a fan favorite), but I thought the Riders killed it. The Shaddox brothers (and father) were a treat to watch as well.

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