Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We decided on a low key, homemade Valentine's celebration. So, inspired by this, I made this while Tom was out last night:

{I'm still cleaning glitter out of my hair, but it was an all around good time}

{Look at me, I even bought a glue gun.} 

And inspired by my sister, I also made these:

{Red velvet cookies, cream cheese frosting, pink sprinkles}    
I strung up my glittery, sparkling Valentine's greeting before I left for school.

Lest you think that I swept Valentine's Day, I must say that Tom did pretty well himself...  I received a lovely bouquet at school which in addition to brightening my day and my desk, served as a teachable moment...I used it as an opportunity to remind the young men in the room that you can never go wrong sending flowers to a woman at work. After work, I was treated to a delicious dinner which I was too busy enjoying to photograph.

Sure, it's a commercialized, Hallmark holiday, but a day devoted to love can't be a bad thing.

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